4/19/12: Top Talent Development Posts this Week

April 19, 2012 by Wally Bock

Every week, I review blogs that cover talent development to find the very best talent development posts. This week, you’ll find pointers to pieces about the driving force behind retention issues, the impact of recognition programs on performance management, active and passive learning, talent management systems, and big data and HR.

From Refresh Leadership: The Results Are In: What Is the Driving Force Behind Your Company’s Retention Issues?

“As a business leader, you already know that employee retention and turnover are hot topics. Every week, it seems like there’s a new survey out highlighting how many employees are planning on leaving their jobs this year. And leaders across the country are growing more and more concerned. Deloitte’s Talent Edge 2020 survey revealed that 71% of business leaders are highly concerned about retaining critical talent in 2012. But we wanted to go a little deeper into the issue, so we asked our readers the primary reason behind their company’s retention issues.”

Wally’s Comment: The bad news is that so many people say they’re getting ready to jump ship. But there’s good news, too.

From Globoforce: SHRM/Globoforce Survey Reveals Growing Impact Of Recognition Programs on Performance Management

“Sixty-four percent of companies that have an employee recognition program say their employees are rewarded according to job performance versus just 36 percent of organizations who do not have a recognition program in place. These are just two of the noteworthy statistics from the SHRM/Globoforce Employee Recognition Survey.”

Wally’s Comment: Here’s a look at recognition strategies as a key component of talent management.

From Stephen J. Gill: Active and Passive Learning in Organizations

“Many of the typical methods of learning in the workplace make the learner a passive recipient of Work Group knowledge and skills. Employees are asked to read, watch, or listen to information being dispensed. The method might be entertaining, interactive, and of their own choosing, but fundamentally these methods are passive for the learner. Another approach is to make the learner an active creator of knowledge and skills. In this role, employees (as individuals, teams, or the organization as a whole) receive feedback about what they are doing and how they are doing it and, through individual and collective reflection, learn how to make themselves, their teams, and the enterprise more effective”

Wally’s Comment: My experience is that human beings naturally enjoy learning and growing, but they don’t necessarily like being taught the way that’s usually done.  Stephen J. Gill suggests ten “active” ways that learning can happen in organizations.

From TLNT: Does Your Talent Management System Help Make Effective Talent Decisions?

“Does your talent management system actually help you make effective talent decisions? One would hope the answer to this question would be a resounding “yes!” … but that may not be the case. Likely, it is a question that is not even being asked.”

Wally’s Comment: Dr. Patrick Hauenstein is President of Omni Leadership, which sells talent management software. In this post he looks at the things you probably want your talent management system to help you do.

From HREOnline: Big Data and You

“A large technology company was focused on luring its competitor’s top salespeople over to its own team. But how best to reach these people, who were scattered throughout the country? It turned to “social listening tools” that helped the organization analyze patterns when these folks were posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so forth to figure out when a number of them were, say, attending a major conference (“the weather’s great here in Vegas!” “Just arrived in Vegas!”) so it could alert its recruiters.”

Wally’s Comment: “Big data” is one of today’s big buzzphrases. This short article considers ways that HR and talent management might use big data to get big results (sorry, I couldn’t resist). Some of them see a bit “Big Brother-ish” to me.

Carnivals and Such

From Jon Ingham: #BersinIMPACT: Agile HR

From Jon Ingham: #BersinIMPACT: Mentoring for Career Development

Wally Bock is a coach, a writer and President of Three Star Leadership.

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