Exercise of the Week: “How Do Others See Me?”

December 20, 2011 by Sandra Mashihi

This free exercise, and dozens of others, were created for our book Clueless! Coaching People Who Just Don’t Get It. You can learn more about Clueless by visiting our site or you can buy it from amazon.com today.

Purpose of Exercise: This exercise is intended to help your clients understand how they contribute to the way other people see them.

How to Administer and Use this Exercise to Facilitate Behavior Change: This is a great tool to use during the first phase of coaching to help your clients to reflect on how they think others perceive them. It particularly helps your clients become aware of the impressions they leave on others in terms of their strengths and weaknesses. They can gain insight about how their supporters see them as well as how their critics see them. Gaining this type of awareness can clarify behavioral change initiatives on an interpersonal level.

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