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November 14, 2018 by Wally Bock

Leadership development is failing too many people. I know far too many leaders who dread the thought of going to work every morning. Some of them are in bad situations, but many of them dread the day because they dread the work.

In most companies moving into management is your only option if you want more pay and prestige. That’s a trap. The work of leadership is different. If you’re an individual contributor who loves what you do now read Mary Jo Asmus’ post, “Doing Less and Being More.” Here’s the money quote.

“If you’re striving to work your way up the corporate ladder and you currently love what you do – beware! The more responsibility and people you take on into your employ, the less you should be “doing” the daily work. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to consider whether “doing less” is something you really want in your career.”

If you’re responsible for leadership development, read on.

Leadership Development Is Helping People Succeed

You want to spend your development energy on people who like the work. If people like the work, they’ll work hard. They’ll put in the extra time to do great things. They’ll take control of their own development.

The people who don’t enjoy the work are the people who dread coming in every morning. No amount of training or coaching can change that.

Leadership Development and Finding People Who Will Love Leadership

Psychological testing can help you identify people who will love leadership work. Don‘t stop there. Give aspiring leaders an opportunity to try the role. Help them analyze their experience to decide if they like the work.

Look at your individual contributors and identify people who love helping other people succeed. It’s a core function of leadership. They’re likely to love the work.

Bottom Line

People who love the work of leadership are more likely to become great leaders. They’re a good choice to invest your leadership development time and dollars.

Wally Bock is a coach, a writer and President of Three Star Leadership.

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