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November 25, 2011 by Bill Bradley

As the week winds down, we wind down with some tidbits for your information, education, health, and enjoyment.

Quotes of the Week:

“Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil.”  J. Paul Getty

“Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.”  George Edward Woodberry

Humor Break:

Sir, What is the secret of your success?” a reporter asked a bank president.
“Two words”
“And, Sir, what are they?”
“Right decisions.”
“And how do you make right decisions?”
“One word.”
“And, sir, What is that?”
“And how do you get Experience?”
“Two words”
“And, Sir, what are they?”
“Wrong decisions””

Stat of the Week: Decades of research on achievement suggests people at the top of their game tend to reach their goals because of what they do—not because of who they are.  Nine Things Successful People Do Differently lays out what you need to do.  (The “do” is the hard part.)  There is also an 18 minute audio if you prefer to listen.

Action Tip: Use your commute time to get yourself motivated. You won’t lack for choice or delivery method at “motivational audio books” at Amazon.  3,000+ at last count.  And if you don’t want to listen to a book, at least play music that lifts your spirits and gives you a sprinkling of inspiration for your day!

Volunteering: Mentor a child.   I mentor a young boy in Southern Mexico.  I have helped him for 4 years now.  I am his only support system.  He is a smart kid.  He is going to grow in one of two directions.  So far I am helping him choose the right direction.  He is 2,000 miles from me.  You can help a child in need much closer to your home.  How about Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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Bill Bradley (mostly) retired after 35 years in organizational consulting, training and management development. During those years he worked internally with seven organizations and trained and consulted externally with more than 90 large and small businesses, government agencies, hospitals and schools.

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