Top Leadership Development Blog Posts this Week: 10/19/18

October 19, 2018 by Wally Bock

Leadership development may be the most important thing any company does. That’s why, every week, I review blogs and other publications that cover leadership development to find the very best leadership development posts. This week, you’ll find pointers to posts about reflection and motivation, getting the most from leadership training, breaking through learning blockers, and leadership development and soft skills.

From Klodiana Lanaj, Trevor A. Foulk, and Amir Erez: How Self-Reflection Can Help Leaders Stay Motivated

“Research suggests that leaders’ sense of self is closely tied to their leadership role, and leaders care about being successful in their role. For this reason, we expected that an intervention that asks leaders to reflect upon positive aspects of themselves as leaders may energize them by reversing their depletion and improving their engagement.”

From Karin Hurt and David Dye: 6 Ways to Ensure Your Leadership Training Makes You a Better Leader

“Leadership training isn’t about what you learned, it’s about what you do with what you learned. If you’re just back from training, here are a few tips to ensure your leadership training makes you and your team stronger.”

From Jesse Sostrin: Leaders: Break Through Your Learning Blockers

“If you are honest with yourself, you gain a higher perspective, one that allows you to observe your actions and see how they create real patterns (instead of the patterns you wish would exist). To make sure you aren’t hindering your own learning agility with a few bad habits, take an honest look at how these three common blockers may apply to you. Then you can apply the suggestions for pushing past them.”

From Diane Bock: Do Nice Leaders Finish Last?

“Is nice boring and nothing to aspire to? Is nice only meant for those who are made of sugar and spice and under the age of nine? Is being nice a trait too often associated with ineffective leaders? But hang on…I’d like my friends, doctor, flight attendant, and tax preparation specialist to be nice. And I’d really like my manager to be nice (and she is! Whew!). But I can’t remember reading about how a CEO attained that position by being nice. Professionally speaking, is it hazardous to your career as a leader to be nice?”

Wally Bock is a coach, a writer and President of Three Star Leadership.

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