Top Leadership Development Blog Posts this Week: 2/20/15

February 20, 2015 by Wally Bock

Leadership development may be the most important thing any company does. That’s why, every week, I review blogs and other publications that cover leadership development to find the very best leadership development posts. This week, you’ll find pointers to posts about why most HR data is bad, people analytics, who leaders need to be, and an uptick in promotions.

From Marcus Buckingham: Most HR Data Is Bad Data

“Over the last fifteen years a significant body of research has demonstrated that each of us is a disturbingly unreliable rater of other people’s performance. The effect that ruins our ability to rate others has a name: the Idiosyncratic Rater Effect, which tells us that my rating of you on a quality such as ‘potential’ is driven not by who you are, but instead by my own idiosyncrasies—how I define ‘potential,’ how much of it I think I have, how tough a rater I usually am. This effect is resilient — no amount of training seems able to lessen it. And it is large — on average, 61% of my rating of you is a reflection of me.”

From Michael Housman: The Next Frontier for Human Resources? It’s People Analytics

“A new way of managing talent is beginning to emerge within the human resources world called ‘people analytics.’ It attempts to remove gut instinct, intuition and human biases from talent management in order to make workforce decisions in an evidence-based and data-driven way. In other words, we want to ensure that we make decisions around employee selection, development and separation based on criteria that we know matters – because we have correlated them statistically with outcomes – and ignore the criteria that don’t.”

From Wendy O’Connell: Strategy Activation: Who leaders need to be and what they need to do

“Effective leadership emerges from multiple facets of a person, including personality traits, personal experience, and workplace skills. Leadership development programs should address all of these. Korn Ferry’s four dimensions of leadership and talent breaks down exactly what leaders need to do—and who they need to be—in order to succeed. Competencies and experiences focus on what leaders need to do. Traits and drivers capture who leaders need to be. By addressing the whole person in this way, leadership development moves beyond simple skill building and helps people realize their potential. They can then bring that energy and passion to the teams they lead.”

From Michael J. O’Brien: Promotions on the Rise

“If this isn’t a sure sign of an ascendant economy, then I’m not sure what one is: The percentage of employees receiving a promotion on an annual basis has increased from 7 percent to 9 percent since 2010.”

Wally Bock is a coach, a writer and President of Three Star Leadership.

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