Top Leadership Development Blog Posts this Week: 8/18/17

August 17, 2018 by Wally Bock

Leadership development may be the most important thing any company does. That’s why, every week, I review blogs and other publications that cover leadership development to find the very best leadership development posts. This week, you’ll find pointers to posts about leadership development becoming CEO, millennial ideas for improving your leadership development program, learning at work, and using video in training.

From Kati Najipoor-Schutte and Dick Patton: Survey: 68% of CEOs Admit They Weren’t Fully Prepared for the Job

“Participating anonymously, CEOs told us that while they did feel ready for the strategic and business aspects of their roles, they felt much less prepared for the personal and interpersonal components of leadership, which are just as critical to success.”

See my comments on this article here.

From Katie Kuehner-Hebert: How you can improve your leadership development program–according to millennials (registration required)

“After surveying workers in 2,000 companies, HBP found that less than half (40 percent) of millennials and younger leaders – aged 36 and younger – describe their organization’s learning and development (L&D) programs as “excellent,” compared to two-thirds (67 percent) of baby boomers aged 56 and older.”

From Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic: Take Control of Your Learning at Work

“Unsurprisingly, there is now big demand for employees who can demonstrate high levels of “learnability,” the desire and ability to quickly grow and adapt one’s skill set to remain employable throughout their working life. This demand has been turbocharged by the recent technological revolution.”

From Emily Manley: 3 Reasons Why Effective L&D Programs Choose Video

“Over the past 10 years, the use of video in learning has more than doubled. And for good reason: Video engages learners and holds their attention, making it an effective mode for learning. People are already very familiar with using video in their personal lives, thanks, in large part, to social media, such as YouTube, which has allowed users to easily consume, engage with, create and share content. At this point, harnessing that consumer-grade experience to support diverse training needs is a no-brainer. And here’s why:”

Wally Bock is a coach, a writer and President of Three Star Leadership.

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