Free Coaching Exercise: “My Success Scorecard”

March 7, 2016 by Sandra Mashihi

This free exercise, and dozens of others, were created for our book, Clueless: Coaching People Who Just Don’t Get It. You can learn more about Clueless by visiting our site or you can buy it from today.

Purpose of Exercise: This exercise provides clients a way to look at personal and life success from a more balanced perspective.

How to Administer and Use this Exercise to Facilitate Behavior Change: This exercise is a great tool for facilitating awareness and motivation in your clients by looking at the various aspects of personal and life success. Specifically, this “success scorecard” is categorized into four areas that consist of what people try to gain through the pursuit and enjoyment of success: (1) Happiness, (2) Achievement, (3) Relationships, and (4) Legacy. By reflecting and applying this scorecard, clients can gauge at how they currently see their success in life, and what is missing for them to become more successful in life.

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