Teams and Trust

April 28, 2010 by Bill Bradley


Title: The Linkage Leader

Competencies: team building, trust

Who benefits: those who participate in teams, those with trust issues

Consultant Usage: must read for team consultants and facilitators; organizational development consultants dealing with issues of thrust, career counselors

What’s it about? I have written favorably in the past about Linkage, Inc. and their training programs.  What I didn’t realize until recently is that they have a reasonably decent monthly online newsletter.  I say “reasonably decent” because the articles tend to be too short and one comes away wanting more.

However, I suspect that, that is exactly the purpose.  Teaser articles to get you to sign up for up-coming events.  That said, the quality of the articles are quite good.  In their February issue I saw the name Geoff Bellman and that got my attention.  I have met Geoff on several occasions and have read his earlier books.  Call me a fan.

His article, co-written by Kathleen Ryan, focuses on “extraordinary groups”.  I love their writing style and feel their emotion when they discuss fantastic groups making magic.  Officially they define an extraordinary group as “one which achieves outstanding results while members—individually and/or collectively—experience a profound shift in how they see their world.”  The key words being “results” and “shift”.  They offer eight key indicators.

It is a 3-page article and if you have any interest in teams at all I urge you to read it.  If that excites you, they have a new (09/09) book called Extraordinary Groups: How Ordinary Teams Achieve Amazing Results.  I am putting that book on my reading list.

There was another article from the February issue that interested me.  The article,   “Employee Engagement: Drive Organizational Effectiveness by Building Trust“, focuses on a competency we don’t often think about: Trust.  Trust is one of those personal issues I wrestle with.  Rightly or wrongly I have felt “burned” by past employers, bosses, colleagues and it definitely something I need to pay more attention to.  If you share similar feelings, check out the article.

If you like what you read, there is a way to subscribe (free) to the monthly online newsletter.  See link at the top of this page.

Catch you later.
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Bill Bradley (mostly) retired after 35 years in organizational consulting, training and management development. During those years he worked internally with seven organizations and trained and consulted externally with more than 90 large and small businesses, government agencies, hospitals and schools.

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