3/3/11: Top Talent Development Posts this Week

March 3, 2011 by Wally Bock

Every week, I review blogs that cover talent development to find the very best talent development posts. This week, you’ll find pointers to pieces about employment law, coaching ROI, why CHROs think they’re not good at leadership development, and employee engagement trends.

From Mark Neuberger:
Getting Down to Management Basics: My 5 Postulates of Employment Law and
Getting Down to Management Basics: 5 More Postulates of Employment Law

“While each employee situation poses its own legal risks and challenges, over the years I have developed some guiding principles to deal with recurring situations.”

Wally’s Comment: Mark Neuberger worked in corporate human resources for ten years and he’s practiced management-side labor and employment law for more than twenty years which should qualify him to offer up this simple primer on labor law, in two posts.

From Aubrey Daniels: Coaching ROI: Approach is Everything

“Coaching, like leadership, is one of the most highly ‘Googled’ terms today. It wasn’t long ago that coaching was perceived as something poor performers received as a last ditch effort to improve before they were shown the door. Nowadays everybody wants a coach.  I could have told you this day would come, but I have to admit that reading this recent Forbes article alerted me to the fact that the day is here!”

Wally’s Comment: Aubrey Daniels is one of the experts on how people act at work. He suggests that, if you want to get value from your coaching investment, you should choose coaches who understand and use what we’ve learned about human behavior.

From J. Keith Dunbar: Why CHROs Don’t Think They Are Effective at Leadership Development

“According to the CLC research, root causes for the poor returns on leadership development investments are attributable to three things:
1. Disconnected Strategy: Leadership Strategy is not integrated with business strategy.
2. Misaligned Outcomes: Leadership outcomes and metrics are not connected with business outcomes.
3. Uncoordinated HR Activities: Leadership activities are not integrated with other HR activities.”

Wally’s Comment: Keith Dunbar points you to reports about leadership development needs and the effectiveness of leadership development programs and reports on three reasons for perceived poor return on investment in leadership development. Note that the three reasons boil down to lack of coordination.

From TLNT: Employee Engagement Trends: What You Can Learn From Best Places To Work Lists

“What better place to look for trends in employee engagement than a best places to work list?”

Wally’s Comment: Lance Haun reviews research on where employee engagement stands in 2010 compared with a year earlier.

Carnivals, Lists, and Such

The Carnival of HR – Digging the New Breed and Learning from Old Friends

From Bersin: TalentWatch® – Understanding Today’s Business and HR Trends

Wally Bock is a coach, a writer and President of Three Star Leadership.

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