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September 30, 2009 by Bill Bradley


Title: Harvard Bloggers have new books

Competencies: leadership, innovation, talent management, customer service, self-development 

Who benefits: leaders, managers, individual employees

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What’s it about? Last week I wrote about the Harvard Bloggers.  In the process I discovered a number of new or recent books some of these authors have published.  Below are listed a few for your consideration.

Rosabeth Moss Kanter: SuperCorp: How Vanguard Companies Create Innovation, Profits, Growth, and Social Good  “Insights on corporate competitiveness in this timely and captivating assessment of what it takes to succeed in the face of rapid technological, cultural and economic change.” (Just released.)

Marshall Goldsmith: Succession: Are You Ready? “In this concise book, Goldsmith offers candid advice on succession from the outgoing executive’s perspective, from choosing and grooming a successor while sidestepping political minefields to handing over responsibility.”(2009)

Peter Merholz, et al,  Subject To Change: Creating Great Products & Services for an Uncertain World: Adaptive Path on Design “To achieve success in today’s ever-changing and unpredictable markets, competitive businesses need to rethink and reframe their strategies across the board. Instead of approaching new product development from the inside out, companies have to begin by looking at the process from the outside in, beginning with the customer experience. It’s a new way of thinking-and working-that can transform companies struggling to adapt to today’s environment into innovative, agile, and commercially successful organizations.” (2008)

Sylvia Ann Hewlett Off-Ramps and On-Ramps: Keeping Talented Women on the Road to Success “Despite advances in women’s rights, as well as telecommuting, job sharing and flex-work, the components of corporate advancement have been largely unchanged since the 1950s; according to author and economist Hewlett (Creating a Life), these outdated criteria are decidedly stacked against women: lock step progression, face time, unreasonable hours, flattery and obeisance, golf and strip clubs and male bonding.” (2007)

Stewart D. Friedman: Total Leadership: Be a Better Leader, Have a Richer Life  “Friedman, a former academic and leadership consultant, presents “Total Leadership,” his “four-way” win method that enables a leader to find mutual value at work, at home, in the community, and personally. He explains that his views are not work-life balance, which he considers a zero-sum game.” (2008)

Gina Trapani:  Upgrade Your Life: The Lifehacker Guide to Working Smarter, Faster, Better  “Whether youre a Mac or Windows user, there are tricks here for you in this helpful resource. Youll feast on this buffet of new shortcuts to make technology your ally instead of your adversary, so you can spend more time getting things done and less time fiddling with your computer. Youll learn valuable ways to upgrade your life so that you can workand livemore efficiently, such as: empty your e-mail inbox, search the Web in three keystrokes, securely save Web site passwords, automatically back up your files, and many more.” (2008)

There has to be a book in there for you.  Enjoy.

Catch you later.

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Bill Bradley (mostly) retired after 35 years in organizational consulting, training and management development. During those years he worked internally with seven organizations and trained and consulted externally with more than 90 large and small businesses, government agencies, hospitals and schools.

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