9/27/12: Top Talent Development Posts this Week

September 27, 2012 by Wally Bock

Every week, I review blogs and other publications that cover talent development to find the very best talent development posts. This week, you’ll find pointers to pieces on career development, three reasons you’re losing people because of pay, video interviewing, and data and personality tests in recruiting.

From Julie Winkle Giulioni: Building the Organizational Habit of Career Development

“Let’s be painfully honest. Helping leaders actually conduct career conversations may not be a training issue. Additional tips and techniques aren’t necessarily the answer. What’s required, instead of building individual skill, is building organizational habit. Genuine, sustainable career development is present in organizations that cultivate a culture rich with conversation about careers. And it all comes down to new habits.”

From ERC: 3 Reasons You’re Losing Employees Because of Pay

“In this article, we explore three current and critical compensation problems that cause employers to lose talented employees. These issues include low salary increases, lack of differentiation in pay by performance, and difficulties finding the actual; going rate’ for jobs.”

From HRE Online: Speak Into the Camera …

“Video interviewing is taking the nation’s recruiters by storm. About 63 percent of HR managers say their company conducts job interviews via video, which is a big jump from just 14 percent who said their companies did this one year ago. That’s according to a new OfficeTeam survey of 500 HR managers at U.S. companies with 20 or more employees.  Fifty three percent of the managers said their companies conduct job interviews using video technology “very often,” according to the survey, and 13 percent expect their organizations to make more-frequent use of video to meet job candidates within the next three years.”

From Inc. Magazine: Companies Look to Data & Personality Tests to Recruit

“Interviews? Resumes? Cover letters? Think again. Turns out, more and more employers have recently turned to personality tests and data analysis software to make hiring decisions.  When it comes to data, The Wall Street Journal recently reported that spending on “talent management” software in 2011 was up 15% from the year before, to an estimated to $3.8 billion.”

Wally Bock is a coach, a writer and President of Three Star Leadership.

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