Leadership development and Technology

March 21, 2018 by Wally Bock

Leadership development shouldn’t exist inside a bubble. We do the best job of serving our organizations if we adapt to changes in leadership and use the best technology available to get the job done.

Leadership Development and Leadership Changes Driven by Technology

Technology drives important changes in the way leaders do their work. We’ve automated many routine reporting tasks that used to occupy team leaders. The number of virtual team members, and entire virtual teams has increased, in part, because technology makes it possible. That trend will continue.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is just beginning to affect the way leaders do their work. Leaders will have to learn an entire new way of analysis and decision making. Our leadership development programs must help them.

Leadership Development and the Technology of Training

Once leadership training was straightforward. Leaders and aspiring leaders were brought together to learn a lot of things. Then they dispersed, and we expected them to figure out how to apply what they learned.

Technology has expanded our training possibilities dramatically. Now we can shift more learning to the workplace. Technology help a manager apply classroom lessons to real world situations more effectively. Technology now allows leaders to learn more effectively at the critical point when they must tackle an unfamiliar issue on the job.

Leadership Development and Performance Management

Performance management is where the rubber meets the road in leadership. Great leaders help the team and team members succeed. Today we’re beginning to apply technology to issues of problem, documentation, feedback, and coaching. Our programs should help leaders do what the best leaders have always done.

There’s no end to this. Developing technology creates both problems and opportunities for leaders. As that happens your leadership development must use technology to do a better job of preparing leaders for success.

Wally Bock is a coach, a writer and President of Three Star Leadership.

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