Top Leadership Development Blog Posts this Week: 4/24/15

April 24, 2015 by Wally Bock

Leadership development may be the most important thing any company does. That’s why, every week, I review blogs and other publications that cover leadership development to find the very best leadership development posts. This week, you’ll find pointers to posts about coaching programs, healthy leadership pipelines, high potentials, and leaders who coach (or don’t).

From Marci Rinkoff: Corporate Coaching: Weighing the Internal vs External Decision

“With the increasing popularity of internal coaching, I’m seeing a lot of external corporate coaches getting uncomfortable. Would they face more competition? Are companies applying coaching for the right reasons? Does an internal coach provide as much value as an external coach? Having served on both sides of the fence as an external coach and an internal corporate coach, and now someone who helps global companies implement coaching programs, I’ve seen internal coaching go seriously awry when it’s done in isolation of certain factors.”

From Tony Frost: Building Healthy Leadership Pipelines

“The good news is that attention to leadership development ensures that an organization has the right people in the right place today. And this allows existing leadership to better focus on more immediate matters by giving them the peace of mind that comes from knowing the future organization will be in good hands. This is a real benefit, one that many organizational stakeholders (such as directors, shareholders, employees and clients) care about—a lot. So how do organizational leaders get this peace of mind? Here are three steps to follow:”

From Evan Sinar: The Experiences of High-Potentials Differ – But Often in the Wrong Ways

“High-potential leaders are an organization’s fortunate few—on average, about 20 percent of all leaders in the company. High potentials are typically tapped based on a combination of current performance and future potential. They are the focus of devoted energies and attention well beyond that of leaders not designated as high potentials. Because of this, they should be having more positive experiences—better treatment and better outcomes.”

From Anne Perschel: Good Leaders Coach-Why Others Don’t

“In 2000, a Harvard Business Review article, reported the coaching style of leadership was the least utilized of the six styles listed below. Fifteen years later, the coercive and pace-setting styles are still over-utilized, while coaching is under-utilized.”

Wally Bock is a coach, a writer and President of Three Star Leadership.

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