Top Leadership Development Blog Posts this Week: 6/27/14

June 27, 2014 by Wally Bock

Leadership development may be the most important thing any company does. That’s why, every week, I review blogs and other publications that cover leadership development to find the very best leadership development posts. This week, you’ll find pointers to posts about the learning curve for CEOs, spotting hidden leadership talent, three common pitfalls in managing a high potential program, and Tom Friedman’s SHRM keynote.

From Joann S. Lublin: Rookie CEOs Face a Steep Learning Curve

“Becoming chief executive for the first time is ‘a quantum leap into a new reality,’ a recent study of rookie chiefs notes. Brand-new bosses must learn on the job while coping with a grueling schedule and constant scrutiny. They must score visible early wins or at least convince investors and staff that they look like winners, because they’re more likely to leave than veteran chiefs, according to leadership experts.”

From Mary Jo Asmus: 5 Ways to Notice Hidden Leadership Talent

“If you think that you don’t have anyone in your organization that might be capable of filling your shoes, think again. It may be that you aren’t observing those who work for you closely enough.”

From Jacques Quinio: How to Avoid the 3 Most Common Pitfalls in Managing Your High Potential Program

“Ensuring the success of high potential programs is more important than ever, as companies struggle to identify, assess, develop and manage the careers of top talent to fill leadership gaps. Here are three of the most common traps in managing a high potential program and how to avoid these pitfalls.”

From Kristen Frasch: Friedman Shakes It Up at SHRM

“Pulitzer Prize-winning author, journalist and New York Times columnist Tom Friedman did a great job shaking up thousands of attendees at the Monday morning keynote of the Society for Human Resource Management’s annual conference in Orlando, Fla., by reminding them how completely shaken up their world already is.”

Wally Bock is a coach, a writer and President of Three Star Leadership.

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