Who Should have the Ability to Identify Raters and Track Progress for 360-Degree Feedback?

April 13, 2016 by Sandra Mashihi

“You can’t choose up sides on a round world.”  -Wayne Dyer

Often times, a point of confusion arises in identifying who should have the ability to choose raters and who should track progress for 360-degree feedback. In most cases, 360-degree feedback sponsors should have the ability to track and monitor which rater’s participants are to be invited. However, it would be beneficial for human resources or executives to identify and select raters for particular goals in using 360-degree feedback, often for purposes of performance evaluation or talent management and succession planning. Furthermore, having human resources or executives involved can increase the accountability of raters completion.

Coach’s Critique:

In my coaching experience, I have found that some raters that agree to participate in completing the 360-degree feedback would prefer to not participate at all. They may ignore reminders to take it, or they may simply not complete the test at all. Because of this, there needs to be a way to hold the raters accountable. I have found that when a client sponsor such as HR is involved to track rater’s completion of assessments, it holds them more accountable than when the participant attempts to track rater’s progress. Since one of goals of the 360-degree feedback is to get as many ratings as possible, there needs to be an accountability system for ensuring completion of assessments. While taking the 360 is optional, HR or executives sponsorship and tracking of the program can allow for a higher success rate of completion.

Who do you think should identify raters and track their progress? The participant? HR? Or, Executives?

Dr. Sandra Mashihi is a senior consultant with Envisia Learning, Inc. She has extensive experience in sales training, behavioral assessments and executive coaching. Prior to working at Envisia Learning, Inc., She was an internal Organizational Development Consultant at Marcus & Millichap where she was responsible for initiatives within training & development and recruiting.. Sandra received her Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from University of California, Los Angeles and received her Master of Science and Doctorate in Organizational Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology.

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  • Yes Sandra, I totally agree HR involvement in tracking progess has a very strong influence on raters tend to not complete their questionnaires. Who should identify raters mostly depends on the context yet whenever HR and the executive together with the participant decide who the raters will be we get the fastest project completion times.

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