Free Coaching Exercise: How I Want to Be Remembered

August 8, 2016 by Ken Nowack

This free exercise, and dozens of others, were created for our book, Clueless: Coaching People Who Just Don’t Get It. You can learn more about Clueless by visiting our site or you can buy it from today.

Purpose of Exercise: Assists clients to reflect on what would be said about them at their funeral.

How to Administer and Use this Exercise to Facilitate Behavior Change: As we get caught life fast paced stresses, we often forget the most important things to us such as our passions, hobbies, our legacy, and how we impact the people around us. As we begin to think about those things, we can begin becoming aware of where to prioritize and manage our energy. One way to do this, is to think about how you would want to be remembered at your funeral.

What would the people closest to you say about you? What has been your legacy? What hurdles have you overcome? What have been your most significant characteristics and strengths? The process of reflecting on these questions as they would be said at a funeral is a useful technique for coaching client’s self-insight of their core values.

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