Free Coaching Exercise: Meditation as a Tool for Mindfulness

May 6, 2015 by Ken Nowack

This free exercise, and dozens of others, were created for our book, Clueless: Coaching People Who Just Don’t Get It. You can learn more about Clueless by visiting our site or you can buy it from today.

Purpose of Exercise: Step by step meditation technique for mindfulness.

How to Administer and Use this Exercise to Facilitate Behavior Change: As we get caught up with the pressures and stresses of work and personal life, we often forget to take a moment and pause to relax and slow down our non-stop running thoughts.

Meditation is a tool for becoming mindful and aware of our being. This highly powerful tool can help minimize stress and anxiety, and heighten clarity of thinking and intentions. As coaches, this step to step meditation technique can help your clients deepen their peace of mind.

It is recommended to practice this process on a daily basis.

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