Introducing Momentor for Coaches to Leverage Behavior Change

May 31, 2013 by Ken Nowack

“Eighty percent of success in life is showing up” Woody Allen

Momentor for Coaching

The 2012 ICF Global Coaching Study (12,133 responses from 31 countries) provided coaches with the opportunity to comment on a range of issues facing the industry in the future, including: regulation of coaching; obstacles; and opportunities. A majority of coaches (53%) believed that coaching should become regulated. On the other hand, 23% did not believe that coaching should become regulated and the remaining 24% indicated that they were unsure The three highest “opportunities” cited were:

  1. Increases awareness of benefits of coaching 36%
  2. Credible data ROI/ROE 28%
  3. Improved general perception 15%

Envisia Learning introduces Momentor for Coaching for executive, life, business, career, personal, wellness and all other types of coaches.

Momentor for Coaching will not only make your job easier, it provides important ROI metrics for both your client and the organization who hires you. Successful coaching results from translating insight and new skills into successful behavior change.

Momentor for Coaching is a comprehensive online toolkit that helps you and your clients create, implement, and track behavioral goals. Our extensive development resource library helps further facilitate goal achievement.

Momentor for Coaching also frequently – and automatically – reminds your clients of their behavior change goals and action items. It provides a much-needed goal evaluation system to provide targeted feedback to your clients about their improvement and to give you a measure of your coaching effectiveness.


  • Makes your coaching more effective
  • Allows clients to invite peers, managers and mentors to support their goal efforts
  • Provides just-in-time feedback and support to reinforce new skills and habits
  • Allows the coach to assign “action items” and “to do’s” for each of your coaching sessions
  • Manages your confidential coaching notes
  • Provides over 2,000 developmental resources at your fingertips
  • Allows you to maintain your own coaching resource library to use with all of your clients
  • Allows you to download and save a copy of all assessments you might be using
  • Automatically reminds clients of goals, assignment and commitments
  • Demonstrates ROI of your Coaching
  • Provides a measure of goal improvement to show your client’s their progress Increases opportunities to achieve measurable results



Momentor for Coaching makes every stage of your coaching interventions easier and more efficient – from note taking to action item assignment to consistent gentle reminders. Momentor for Coaching engages clients to help them stay focused on their goals between sessions. Momentor for Coaching is available 24-7 for your clients to access and review their goals and action items even when you’re not around.

Momentor for Coaching helps you to measure your clients’ improvement and your effectiveness/ROI through its powerful goal evaluation system. Contact me directly at or try it free with a client at

We’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts about how to keep making this the best coaching tool available to maximize your results and address one of the most important “opportunities” that the ICF survey indicated….Be well….

Kenneth Nowack, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist (PSY13758) and President & Chief Research Officer/Co-Founder of Envisia Learning, is a member of the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations. Ken also serves as the Associate Editor of Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research. His recent book Clueless: Coaching People Who Just Don’t Get It is available for free for a limited time by signing up for free blog updates (Learn more at our website)

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