Leadership development when you need it most

May 4, 2016 by Wally Bock

All beginnings are hard

Getting promoted is a great feeling. Whether it’s making the move from individual contributor to manager or becoming a CEO, it’s an occasion to celebrate. Then, usually the next day, it’s time to go to work and you discover a horrid truth.

Leadership development doesn’t prepare you for everything

Even the best leadership development program won’t prepare you for everything. There are some things you won’t understand until you experience them. That’s why just about every newly promoted boss has that “Oh my gosh, how till I do this” feeling. That’s when you need leadership development the most.

Leadership development should help with the transitions

Many of our programs do a great job of preparing people for a move to the next level. Very few spend much time on the transition. But what happens in the first few days and weeks and months after a promotion can make it or break it. It’s when the newly promoted person needs understanding, guidance and support the most.

When someone gets promoted, two things happen almost immediately and automatically. Habits that used to create success aren’t as useful anymore. They may even be counter-productive. Networks of friends and experts and information sources that served well for years won’t be as effective as they were.

Help the newly promoted person understand what’s happening. Help him or her do things that will help make the promotion a success. Show them the pitfalls so they can avoid them.

Every leadership situation is different, so there won’t be any formulas that work all the time. But investing in coaching and peer support networks can pay big dividends if you use them during the transition period,

Wally Bock is a coach, a writer and President of Three Star Leadership.

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